Successful Website Planning

Successful Website Planning

I have this great idea, and I think it will be a hit with my customers. How do I go about making this a successful project?

This is a common question that we hear often in the realm of software development. You have a good idea about what you think might make some money, or solve a problem, and you want to see it come to life.

We have a design workshop where we work with you to help you define the purpose of the project, who is going to use your website or application, and compile and deliver a digital requirements package that we at DevRite can use as a starting point to develop the project for you.

Defining your purpose

First, every project needs a purpose. Our first step in the workshop is to set a well-defined goal for the outcome of the project. We will start by talking about what you hope to get out of your project and what kind of timeline you feel your project really needs. Does it need to be mobile? Does it need to be desktop ready? Can it be hosted in the cloud? What's your expected audience size going to be at launch? What about in 6 months? All of these things will be refined by the end of the first phase of the workshop. When this phase is done, we will know who our target audience is, how long you think you have to get the project done, and what the clear goal is. Then the fun begins.

Brainstorming & Sky is the Limit

Next, we spend some time brainstorming everything and the kitchen sink that you might want to throw into the project. At this point the sky is the limit and you can have anything you want without regard to budget, time, or any constraint. This defines the scope of the project and by whom it will be used. Then we work to refine that wish list and put some order to it. Everyone who has a stake in the project or product has a say in the order of importance of the items that are put on the list. In the end we have list of requirements that need to be met for the project to be worth doing.

Project Scope & M.V.P. (Minimum Viable Product)

Once that is done, DevRite will take those requirements and compile them into a deliverable for you that will have all the information that we gathered in the workshop in a digital format we can start the project from, or you can take the copy and find another development shop to work with that can work off of the requirements we helped gather. But we think that once you see the value, we can provide your going to want to start working with us.

Defining a project can be difficult, and sometimes scary, but we know our process will help give you a confident, well-defined place to start your project. We will help you find that clear focus that will help you get what you need developed and out the door so people can start using it. Please Contact Us and schedule a meeting. We'd love to get started!