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Founded in May of 2020, we believe in Software Done Right. This means no shortcuts, no gimmicks, no compromises.

You'll quickly learn after working with us transparency, honesty and support of our customers will always come first

Meet the team

We strive to have the best team for you. Below are some of the people that will always be ready to help get your project ready for production

Brently David

Brently David

CEO & Owner

Brent has been developing software for over 12 years and has a passion to see projects succeed. Graduated from Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE with a Degree in Programming. He has been part of technology professionally since 2008, he has overseen deployments of applications that have been used by thousands of people. In his downtime, you'll probably still find him coding, he loves it that much.

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Designers (Yours or Ours)

We only work with the best designers for your project. While we don't directly employ them, we stand behind their work. Rest assured, your project will look amazing. If you would rather use your own, we won't fuss.

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We love what we do. Are you someone who wants to learn how to build cross platform apps, global deployments and scalable software? Look no further.

Looking for iOS/Android Developers, Xamarin experience preferred, but not required

If you are an iOS/Android developer interested in joining our team, please email your resume to jobs@devrite.io

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We are looking for designers! Our expertise is currently development, if you are a designer and want to help us make the best projects, the right way, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to talk!

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