DevRite, A New Software Startup

DevRite, A New Software Startup

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.

Richard Branson
Startup Week

Brent, way back in 2012, has always had a desire to start a business and grow with the clients he works with. With DevRite, this dream now became a reality.

  • Transparency and Trust between clients and companies
  • There's a "right" way and an "easy" way to make software
  • We need places that make people want to come to work everyday
  • Success should be measured by happiness, and not just the owners happiness

In order to understand better, Brent was asked a few questions. Below you'll see his responses.

What is the reason to start DevRite?

First, that quote is extremely important to me. Far too many companies out there look at their employees as nothing more than $ or investments. If you know me, or get to know me, you'll understand that loyalty is one of my core values. It's important to me to have pride in where you work and what you do. You should feel from day one that you are the reason DevRite is the place to be. I miss the days where companies had generations of families in it, and everyone took care of each other no matter what the circumstances were. This, above all else, is one of the reasons DevRite was created.

Second, I believe in honesty & transparency. You should expect this from any provider, but especially in a field such as this. There's SO much information out there, ways to cut corners, and still charge a premium. Only to find out six months later, that you have to pay twice as much because you weren't given an opportunity to make a decision. I just don't feel like that's fair. You hire someone like us to ensure your business, app, or online footprint runs smoothly. But that doesn't mean good service and support can't be at the top, no matter what you're paying.

Finally, I truly believe there is a right way and an easy way to do software. Here's an example. Imagine you're building your new app that you want to sell, and it's the first of its kind. Two months into the project, we come to you and say "Hey, look, we've identified these 3 things that we really need to address. We didn't foresee these things when we started, but we have two options. We can either take the risk of XYZ happening in the first 6 months to a year and we'll be forced to fix it with people using the platform, or we can take an extra month now to work through the details and make sure we get it right the first time." Now, what would you do? Not sure? Not to worry, we are here to guide you through situations such as this, but the important thing here-I cannot stress this enough-it was brought to your attention the moment we knew about it. This doesn't happen everywhere. Why? Sometimes because it's just "not in the contract". This isn't ok, and we won't be that way.

Success - Yours and Mine

One of the things that is high on my list of must-haves for a company is success. But not in the way you might imagine it. This goes for our clients, employees, owners, (aka everyone involved). I believe that success should be measured by how happy you are with the product, how happy you are to be at work, how your day to day interations are with us, or with our employees. In other words, it's more important to me that your experience is amazing. We understand that there can be bumps along the way building apps & products. At the end of the day, I want to know that you got your project the way you wanted it, how you envisioned it, and above all else, that you are as excited about it as we were building it. You will find that we will go above and beyond for you no matter the situation.

What is DevRite to me?

Speaking for employees, DevRite is the difference between the job you hate and the job you love. I know you've heard the saying, find a job in something you love and you'll never work a day in your life. I believe this is true, and it embodies what DevRite strives to be everyday. From the customer perspective, we want to be your one stop shop for technology related to your business. From your online retail store, to your mobile app in the app store, and the management portal you need to tie both together. You shouldn't fear product launches. Neither do we.

What are the goals for the next 5 years?

Some of these I've already talked about, but here's a recap.

  • Be the best place to work
  • Measure company success not by company value, but by how happy the employees are to be there
  • Measure client success not by how many clients we can service, but by how statisfied each individual client feels their needs are being met.
  • Provide a sustainable future that includes ways to professionally improve everyone involved. Conferences, etc.
  • Someday we'd like to be the host of a conference. It would be really neat to be apart of building the next generation of developers.

In closing, we just wanted to share with you how excited we are that this venture has begun. If you have a project you'd like to discuss. Please Contact Us and schedule a meeting. We'd love to get started!