Data Transformation & Accessing Old Data

Data Transformation & Accessing Old Data

Data Transformations & Data Access - Frustrations No More

If you have ever been part of a team that had to move data from one format to another, or even manual entry of spreadsheets into a database, you likely understand the image above and probably frequently found yourself feeling this way.

Imagine you have six to ten different spreadsheets, all with seven or eight different column layouts. You need this information into your database because your first customer had 10 thousand employees they wanted to use your app. Better yet, they're coming from a competitor, so it's even more important they can move their existing information. Now what?

We understand that transforming data from one format to another, or even just trying to get your older databases viewable in a more modern web interface can be a frustrating task. Especially when you have better business things to worry about, such as training your customers on your app. This is where we come in. We'll plan out your migration, create you a great new web portal if the project needs it with cloud scaling in mind, all the while being mindful of the downtime required to make the switch. So you can focus on moving forward, not endless cycles of data errors.

In the scenario above, we would create a custom application to read those spreadsheets, and insert them into your applications database. Leaving you with a customer that loves your app, all without the need to tie up precious time with data entry.

Our developers have been on projects where we created a website that required, once a year, to transform over 6 million rows of data into a database. Techy Term - "Normalized the data". We created a website, that took in this information, processed, validated and converted it into the desired format. End result: 30GB of data transferred in just under an hour.

No matter how you want our help - consultation, data review, lead the project or the 'Do it for me' approach - we are here to help you get what you need done.

Let us solve your one time or recurring data transformation woes. Please Contact Us and schedule a meeting. We'd love to get started!