Identity & Security (SSO)

Identity & Security (SSO)

When building projects, this topic is sometimes taken for granted.  It is extremely important and shouldn't be something you overlook in order to provide for a certain feature.  While it might sound easy to have a 'default' password or Admin account, this isn't a great idea.  

At DevRite, we take this matter very seriously and only implement features using the best tools.  One such tool that we use is called Identity Server.  Our libraries we use in your projects are built upon this solid foundation to provide you with the best features, best security and best experiences. Period.

Identity Server is a fully open source and is developed using OpenID and OAuth2, the latest security standards used around the world.  Having Identity Server around your project isn't just about security though, it can give you a whole host of goodies to go with it. 

This includes:

  • Single Sign On
  • Third party Authentication (Facebook Login, Apple ID Login, Google Login, etc)
  • Profile Permissions
  • Mobile Device Authentication
  • Multiple Applications
  • Single User Management
  • BONUS: Rules & Access Management


Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) is exactly what it sounds like.  You have one login to support all of your business apps.  This is great because rather than having 10-12 different accounts on each of your applications you use, you could actually just have one with one password.  This allows administrators to turn on/off access to specific applications in real time, without sending new invitations to each product, or having to revoke access in each of the others.


Third Party Authentication

This type of authentication is typically used when you're website isn't going to be an 'Authority' of the user accounts.  In other words, when someone uses "Sign In with Apple ID" to your site, you are actually allowing apple to manage the user account.  They'll give you specific details about the user when they login, provided the user granted permission.  Talk about no more password reset phone calls, since Apple manages the IDs, password resets go through them. (YES!)


Profile Permissions & User Management

Using OpenID, the user actually can pick and choose which items they wish to share with the application their trying to sign into.  For example, maybe you have an internal social media site and also your email linked with SSO.  Your employees might decide to only share their first name with the social media site, but share their entire company profile with the email site.  They can do this because the user details are stored in a single place and delegated access to each of the sites individually.  All of this still through one login.


Mobile Device Authentication

In the ever growing mobile app space, having the ability to authenticate your mobile apps is key.  But here's the good news, all those features we've been talking about? SSO, permissions, etc.  They all carry out to your mobile apps too.  Maybe you have 3 or 4 mobile apps in your business that your uses sign into.  Your users will thank you for less passwords to remember when all of your apps use SSO.


Rules & Access Management

As a bonus, we implemented a custom rule and access management infrastructure on top of the Identity Server library designed for all of these items listed above. Now you can have Identity Management, and Access Management all in one place.

  • Need to change access to information in a mobile app for someone? Check. 
  • Need to apply those in real time? Check.
  • Need to support multi-company scenarios with different access rules in each? Check.
  • Need each application to have different rules & access within each? Check.


By the way, this comes STANDARD on all projects requiring logins.  We don't mess around with security, Access Management or User Data.

Here at DevRite, there are no compromises. Lets get your project started right from day one.  Give us a call and we can discuss ways to make sure that from the moment your launch your app, it's ready for the future.  Even if you already have a few applications that might benefit from SSO for your users, we have experience in migration techniques too. We can make sure your pre-SSO apps remain functional, and your users migrate without headaches.  When you're ready to launch that next application in your business, all your customers will already have an account.  Contact Us and discuss options in migrations, hosting and your long term success for Identity, Security and SSO.